7 Facts That Proves Mobile Marketing Is Now The Leading Marketing Strategy

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing has been growing at a very explosive rate and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. The power of mobile marketing has already dawned on many businesses, and more are adopting mobile strategies by the day.

As a business owner, are you planning on joining the mobile bandwagon and capitalize on this growing trend? The best time to do so is now. The following are seven facts to show why you should be going mobile:

  1. Mobile platform is now the leader:

    Back in 2014, Google predicted that by 2015 mobile searches (85.9 billion) will surpass desktop searches at (84 billion). Google further said, mobile search ad spending will experience more growth compared to desktop search ads. It is also predicted that by 2015, there will be nearly 2 billion smartphone users around the world. Currently 57% of people in the United States own smartphones. Considering all that stats, it clearly evident that mobile marketing is indeed an already lucrative market that is still growing. This prediction was officially confirmed on April 21st and was termed mobilegeddon.

  2. Mobile searches are more local:

    Stats show that local searches make up to 40% of all mobile searches. 77% of these searches take place when users are at work or at home. The power of mobile-on-the-go is highly appreciated by everyone, and smartphone owners are using mobile search to look for information on local businesses.

  3. Mobile platform records faster conversions:

    81% of conversion takes place within the first 5 hours of mobile search. The power of searches can’t be underestimated since they lead up to other actions such as calling, visiting the business premises and the ultimately, sales. But the conversions rate is largely dependent on you as the business owner; you not only need to be available on the mobile platform you also have to market yourself in the manner that will lead to conversions. You have to make your business accessible to customers via mobile and give them great product/customer services.

  4. Mobile give users new ways to stay connected:

    If you ask yourself what are the top uses for smartphone by people. Statistics show that users use their phones 83% of the time to make calls, 74% to check their emails, 67% to do searches, 62% to take pictures and 57% of the time for social media. Now as a marketer, you should think of how you will leverage on these stats. In terms of email marketing and social media marketing and putting out pictures of your products and services out there for users to see.

  5. Use Mobile peak times to your advantage:

    Stats show that most people are using their mobile between 8pm to midnight. Knowing what time users are on their mobile devices the most is an important marketing tool. It is also a known fact that mobile searches double during the holidays. With these stats you can make your marketing strategy to coincide with the time when most users are on their mobile phones, thereby making the most out of your ad campaigns.

  6. Growth in mobile usage cuts across the board:

    Mobile phone is now not just a thing for teens and kids anymore. In fact, stats show that the 55-64 age-group is currently the fastest growing age-group joining social media. While the 45-54 age-group is the fastest growing demographic. If you conduct tailor-made mobile marketing campaign using these demographic stats, you stand to be more effective in your marketing.

  7. Users prefer mobile apps to mobile sites:

    Stats show that 85% of users prefer using a mobile app, compared to using a mobile website. Currently, iOS apps make four times as much revenue as Android apps do. In terms of social media apps, Facebook is the leading downloaded app, followed by Google+ and Google Search. As a marketer you should design a smart mobile marketing strategy using these stats.

Mobile marketing is here to stay and is fast becoming a powerful marketing platform. If you are not already on the mobile platform, what are you waiting for? iBuzz Local can help your take your business  mobile.