6 Things To Get Right Before Developing a Mobile App For Business

6 Things To Get Right Before Developing a Mobile App For BusinessIt’s a fact that these days virtually all businesses are making a mobile app. But only handfuls come up with a mobile app for business that gives the desired results. Most businesses are losing time and money on apps that not only won’t benefit them but also are made by outdated processes.

The first thing you ought to get right is the answers to these questions: what do you want the app to accomplish? What benefits is the app bringing to users?

Perhaps the most important question, is will the app help your bottom line? If the app does not address all these questions, you are likely building a mobile app for business that will disappoint you in the long run.

The best indicator that your app is ineffective is when after launching it in the app’s store, the adoption rate is quite low. The following are some six steps that will help you build an effective app and just as important, enable you avoid creating a useless app:

Step 1 – Define the goal to be achieved by the app:

Just like when starting a business, you should ensure everybody onboard the team creating the app is up to speed on exactly what the app is intended to achieve. You should identify the goal if you can come up with goal quantified with numbers it will help you understand the measurable strategic goals you want the app to achieve.

Step 2 – Establish a workflow that forms the process:

You should identify the process and the workflow in your business that the app will be able to accomplish. Take, for instance, the app is intended to increase your business’s revenue, you must think about the outside and inside sales process. If it’s about making your organization more efficient and cutting down on costs, then you must think about the manufacturing process, service delivery and the operation cost for the business. The next step would be to map out these workflows and clearly identify the steps involved.

Step 3 – Identify the problems in the workflow:

Step 3 is the most important step in the whole process. This is where you identify the inefficiencies facing the process. These inefficiencies manifest in term extra resources, time, costs and people to hire. This is where much attention should be focused on, and be resolved in a detailed manner. For instance, if you identify your production team spend 30 percent of their time doing unnecessary routine tasks. Then you can equate this to unnecessary cost of production and the potential efficiency you stand to gain once you free them from doing that 30 percent unnecessary routine tasks.

Step 4 – Come up with ideas for the app:

Here you should be asking yourself, for the problems identified in the workflow, which are the various types of mobile apps that could solve these problems? You should never talk about an app, before identifying the problem it is addressing in your organization. Otherwise, you might end up creating an app that completely adds no value to your business.

Step 5 – Quantify the Impact of the app:

In terms of dollars and cents in revenue, the potential cost savings, and the resultant efficiencies. This is the step where a business can rule out an app. If the app is not is not adding any value to your business, then there would be no need to develop one.

Step 6 – Rate and prioritize your apps:

You should make a list and determine which apps you want to create first. In step 4 above, you should have come up with various ideas, and prioritize the ones you need the most depending on how you rate them. You should also ask yourself how many times you will need to retrain people on using the app. Does your IT system have the necessary data to support the app? The result of this is that you will have prioritized the dozens of apps, ranking them from which you need the most to which can wait for a while.

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